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How to Create a Wait List Using Registration
How to Create a Wait List Using Registration
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You must have "Full Access" or "Limited Access - HQ Tools" permissions to create a waitlist.

If your registration is still ongoing but you don’t want to charge individuals, you can create a waitlist. Once you determine the season is ongoing, you can move them over to a roster and charge them once it is confirmed. You can set up a registration to have fees hidden from applicants and a new waitlist field created. Then, when/if the season is resumed:

  • The hidden field will need to be enabled, and they can sign up as normal OR

  • A new registration for those waitlisted will need to be created OR

  • You invoice these members the amounts owed for season fees.

Hide Fees

  1. Navigate to your “Registration Session”.

  2. To the right of the questions you must hide, click the Gear icon and choose Edit.

  3. Click Advanced Options.

  4. Hide the question from non-admins who complete the registration by checking Hidden Question.

    • If/when this question needs to be shown again, follow the same steps but uncheck the box to make it visible to everyone.

Create a Waitlist Question

  1. Copy your hidden question, and it will create a new field on the registration with the same options, but there will not be any store items attached.

  2. This ensures people can still sign up as they normally would but will not be charged until you invoice them or have them register for the options with store items.

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