This “Cheat Sheet” has been designed to remind you of key items needed when working with certain features of Reg Builder Access. This cheat sheet does not replace, only enhances, the Reg Builder Access webinar, and video tutorial.


  • Creating a New Registration - You will start from scratch and must add ALL questions, etc.

  • Copy a Registration (PREFERRED) - You will first need an already built registration on your site to copy.

    • What does not copy over: discount codes, discount rules, inventory restrictions, store items -- which are the monetary values -- and AutoForms will not. You will need to go into new registration and re-add

    • What does copy over: Questions, waivers, text blocks, and conditional logic will copy over word-for-word. If you have birthdate logic, you will need to update those years to reflect the updated birth years.


  • Types of Registrations should be allowed?

    • Self is used for an adult registration, like an adult league or a coach or volunteer registration.

    • Other is used anytime a parent or guardian is signing up their children. So the Registrant Label could be “Player” or “Athlete” or “Child.”

    • Team can be chosen if it’s a team registration, where coaches or a team manager are going into the session and signing up their entire team.

    • Orphan isn’t used very frequently, and we do not typically recommend it. It intends to allow users to register without associating the entry with their account. Admins have this feature by default and can register someone unconnected to their account.


  • Types of QUESTIONS Options:

    • Choose a Question - search among our library for pre-existing questions. These are time savers as may have pre-filled answer options as well (i.e., state question)

    • Choose a question group - This adds a group of questions, so you don’t have to create each question — for example, Emergency Contact Information or Address fields.

    • Creating a custom question - You will use this anytime you want to create a question yourself - whether that be to ask for T-Shirt Size, player cell phone #, etc.

  • Conditional Logic:This allows you to display, or not display, questions based on answers to previously asked questions. There are three options:

    • Our registration system can validate ANY, which typically is used when only one condition is added or if it could be either/or.

    • All is used if there is more than one criterion to meet.

    • None would be used for every option except for a particular one.


  • Make sure that you have the ‘sell store items and collect payments’ function turned on in the within registration details -- this is located under the ‘edit registration’ button when you first set up the session.

  • Click the button to the right of the Fee Option to add store items. This will bring up a box that will ask you to select which store item you want to choose. Click an existing store item or select click here to create a new store item.

  • Add Store Item (fee) - click on the add store item option.

    • Add the item name of the fee.

    • The next mandatory field is to add price; or how much you want to charge your registration option. For this example, let’s say the cost is $200.

    • Inventory - track number of registration slots available for sign up and whether or not to close that option when the number reached.

    • Please don’t worry about any of the other fields on this page as they don’t apply.

  • After the creation of a registration fee, we have the option to:

    • Edit the Fee

    • Add Item Variation - Variations of the fee are useful if you have multiple levels of play that you would like the registrant to choose from -- like U12, U14, & U16. They are different amounts and have various inventory restrictions. To add a variation of the fee, click on the little gray gear, then click add item variation.

    • Add a Price Change (i.e., early bird or late fee). Add price next to the variation and type in the new price. The new price is an additional fee plus the original price. Add dates that price will be applied. The system recognizes price changes/ dates with no manual updates needed.

    • Please note: if you are using a discount code and it is attached to the entire registration store item, that discount code will apply to ALL the variations associated with it. If you need a discount code to only apply to one fee, please create that store item separately and do not use the variation option.

  • Payment Options for a Store Item (fee):

    • Pay in full - collects the fees online.

    • No pay - has users pay offline, either by cash or check.

    • Payment plan. Users pay an initial amt at registration, and then the org can determine subsequent payment dates and amount for the balance owed. Please note that if you are creating a payment plan on a store item with variations, that payment plan will apply to all variations beneath that store item. If you need multiple payment plans, each payment plan must be split into their own store items.


  • Click on the Reg Session name and then on the Discount tab in the middle of the page.

  • Click on Add Discount Rule.

  • Choose a percentage or a fixed amount off.

  • Order Maximum - If you do not want families to pay over a certain fee (Does not apply to store items with payment plans)

  • Apply at Item Quantity allows you to select which entry it begins to apply to. Recommended to use “2” - meaning the first store item in the shopping cart is full price, but the second gets a discount.

  • Apply to is a follow-up and defaults set to item 2 only, meaning if there are more than two kids, the additional ones won’t get the discount. We nearly always see the 2nd option set up, where any additional sibling after the first child gets that discount. There’s also an option for all qualified items to get the discount too.

  • CONFIRM you’re only applying the discount to the registration fee. We don’t want a discount to apply to a donation or raffle ticket.

Our registration platform has other functions worth pointing out that may be helpful for you too:

  • Ability to calculate the quantity - If you’re selling tickets for a raffle, etc. Instead of creating separate variations for each ticket number, you can create one fee in a store item and update the quantity for the ticket numbers.

  • Collect donations - Use if “other” is an option when the registrant chooses to donate. For “Other,” we have a question type that allows registrants to type in the amount they would like to give.

    • Click on Add Question, Add Title, and ensure the question is required.

    • For Question Format, pick Donation. Instead of creating a store item, make sure that Pay in Full is enabled so registrants can donate online.

    • Click on Show Advanced Options to add the conditional logic so that this question only shows up if they choose to donate an “other” amount.

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