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Creating Program Sign Ups
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You must have the correct Permissions to create Programs.

Below is a step-by-step walkthrough to create a program. To view a specific section, click the desired option:

Program Settings

Programs are at the core of what your organization does. From Summer camp and Holiday tournaments to the competitive and rec seasons, programs are the way to facilitate the play of sport(s). In this step, tell us the basics of the program.

  1. Sign in to SportsEngine HQ.

  2. In the left navigation menu, click Programs.

  3. Click Add Program.

  4. Click Get Started.

  5. Enter the details of the program into the spaces provided. Include the following information:

    • Program Name

    • Program Type

    • Start & End Dates

    • Sport (if the organization has multiple Sports)

  6. If creating multiple programs, click Add Another and enter the information.

    • When adding multiple programs at once, select which program to work on first. At the end of the process, select the others and complete the program creation.

  7. Click Done.

Participation Options

Setting participation options will determine who is participating in the program and what they are signing up for, eg – players signing up for the 12U age group.

  1. Click Get Started.

  2. Select which participants can sign up for the program.

    • One program signup is created per participant type, which may be customized during later steps.

  3. Create the participation options by entering the Name and Price of the signup.

  4. Repeat step 3 for each of the participant types.

  5. Click Next.

Participation Limits

Participation Limits ensure people sign up for the right option. Optionally, Age and Gender limitations may be created so members only see available options.

  1. Click Get Started.

  2. Select whether to restrict who can sign up for each option based on Age or Gender by clicking Yes or No.

  3. If Yes is selected for either of the restrictions, input the criteria participants must meet to signup for that option.

    • NOTE: These parameters ensure only those with profile characteristics eligible to participate in each option see them.

  4. For Age parameters, select Born on or before, Born on or after, or Born between, then input the required date(s).

  5. For Gender parameters, select Boys or Girls.

  6. Click Next to move on to the next group of participants.

  7. Repeat steps 2-5 for each of the participant types.

  8. Click Next.

Electronic Documents

Electronic Documents are used if Athletes, Coaches, and Volunteers need to sign forms prior to participating with the organization. Common electronic documents include waivers, codes of conduct, or consent forms.

  1. Click Get Started.

  2. Check whether participants need to sign electronic documents by clicking Yes or No.

  3. If Yes is selected, select from any existing Electronic Documents, or add a new document.

    • To create a new document, click Add Document, fill in the required fields, and click Add. The document will be created and added as a required document for your program.

  4. Click Next.

  5. If multiple participant type(s), repeat steps 2-4 for each participant type. Click Next to continue.

Signup Settings

Based on the program type, sport, and who is signing up, signup(s) are created as needed. You can customize the signup based on the available settings.

  1. Click Get Started.

  2. Optionally, change the name of the signup. Click Next.

    • This displays within HQ and to participants when signing up.

  3. For Player signups, select How players sign up. Click Next.

    • Guardian signs up on the player's behalf.

    • Players sign themselves up.

    • Both Guardians and Players can sign up.

  4. For Camp and Clinic signup, choose if Players or Teams can sign up for multiple options by clicking Yes or No.

  5. Select who pays the processing fees and click Next.

    • Organization Pays Fees - Online processing fees are added to the total of each sale, and the organization collects the sales total before fees.

    • Customer Pays Fees - Online processing fees do not change the total of the sale, and the organization collects the total minus fees.

  6. Select the Signup Open Date and Close Date (Close date is optional), and click Next.

  7. Should someone be emailed about new signups? Choose Yes or No.

    • If Yes, enter the email(s) of those that should be notified, and click Next.

  8. Repeat steps 2-7 for each participant type.

Payment Settings

The organization's payment terms can be included to offer different payment options within the program. Pay in full is always included by default, and up to 3 payment terms can be included per sign up.

  1. Click Get Started.

  2. To include custom payment terms, click Select Payment Term and select the desired payment term.

  3. If the desired payment term hasn't been created, click Create New Customized Payment Terms. Click here to view the steps for creating payment terms.

    • When finished, return to the program creation tab to continue this process.

  4. If payment date(s) must be set up for the payment term, the Installment(s) date field displays. Enter the desired date(s).

  5. Click Save.

  6. Repeat steps 2-3 for each participant type.

Signup Fields

Based on the program type, sport, and who is signing up, signup(s) are created as needed.

  1. Click Get Started.

  2. Review the information being collected during the sign-up.

  3. On the right side of each information category, click Edit.

  4. Check/uncheck the box(es) to include/remove the question(s) in the form and click Save.

  5. Click Yes, Create Sign Up!

    • If any information is missing, click No, something is missing to provide Feedback.

  6. Repeat steps 2-5 for each participant type.

  7. Click View Your New Program.

    • If creating multiple programs, click Finish Other Programs to continue the setup. Select the program to set up next.

Share the Signup Link

  1. Click on the Signup tab to share.

  2. At the Signup Information, click the three dots icon > Share.

  3. Click Copy to Clipboard > Done.

  4. Send the link out to members or post it on Social Media to direct people to signup.

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