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How to Add Multiple Payment Plans to Invoices
How to Add Multiple Payment Plans to Invoices
Updated over a week ago

You must have "Full Access" or "Limited Access - Financials" permissions to add payment terms.

  1. Sign in to "SportsEngine HQ."

  2. In the left-hand navigation, click Financials > Invoicing.

  3. In the top right corner, click Send Invoices.

  4. Fill out the Recipients, Description, and Message (optional) fields and click Next.

  5. Enter the invoice amount or check the box for Itemize invoice and select the sale item(s) from the dropdown.

    • If you have itemized the invoice, click Apply for each selected item.

  6. Select who will pay the processing fee and click Next.

  7. Click Select Payment Terms and choose up to three options. Click Next once complete.

    • For invoices due in full, input the preferred single payment date in the Due on Custom Date field.

    • For payment terms with specific dates, enter the correct dates for each installment.

    • To align payments made in full and payment plans, we recommend using either the first or last installment date of your payment plan for the Due on Custom Date plan.

  8. To require a partial amount due upon receipt of the invoice, check the box, enter the amount due, and click Apply.

  9. Click Next and review the invoice details.

  10. Click Send Invoice(s).

    • Members can select the payment terms they wish to enroll in on the shopping cart page as soon as they receive the invoice.

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