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Product Updates | November 2023
Product Updates | November 2023
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SportsEngine HQ


Member Management

  • Created a new profile module flow to improve the account and profile creation process and simplify membership purchases.

Sports Administration

  • Improved performance and load times on the Season Management Locations page.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected an issue that prevented users from updating arrival times or uniform notes within the iOS mobile app.

  • Within Season Management, resolved an issue with roster photos not displaying when a child organization rostered members before submitting them to the parent organization.

  • Fixed an issue in Governing Seaosns for Ontario Soccer where printed team roster photos were incorrectly matched.

SportsEngine Motion


  • Completed an update to allow admins to change the "FROM" information on order receipts received from bookings checkouts.

  • Added the ability to archive bookings under the Edit dropdown.

  • Added the ability for admins to waive fees when booking an appointment or registration.

  • Updated the Booking Admin Settings to have the "Credit Card Accepted?" toggle defaulted to On.

  • Added the instructor's name to the confirmation emails received by users when creating bookings.

  • Added the ability for admins to change future appointment times within Bookings Appointments and Account Details > Bookings.

  • Created the option for admins and instructors to send and receive notifications for bookings-related events.

  • Added the option for users to add additional information in a note to a booking registration.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved slow response times experienced with billing.

  • Fixed an issue that occasionally charged the full rate plan when additional classes were added instead of charging the additional amount for a higher rate plan.

SportsEngine Play


  • Created the ability to edit a Livestream while it is in progress. Editable fields include Name, Opponent, Other Team, and Thumbnail.

  • Added new Highlights and Share icons.

  • Introduced requirements users need to meet to have subscription or admin access to download video content.

  • Completed an update to allow team admins to create and edit teams.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue causing accounts activated through email to redirect to Google.

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