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Product Updates | September 2023
Product Updates | September 2023
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SportsEngine HQ


Members and Rosters Club and League

  • Added the Roster tab to the Season site for clients on Season Management. Parents and athletes can now view the roster on the team page and control how the view is filtered.

Bug Fixes

Club and League

  • Resolved issue with games not appearing on the Season Management Schedule.

  • Resolved an issue for Season Management customers where season sites were not properly syncing.

  • Fixed a problem with editing and deleting games in Team Center.

Members and Rosters

  • Resolved bug impacting Season Management customers where birthdates were incorrectly displaying within the Rostering tool.

  • Corrected an issue where the Season Team Name filter was not showing in the Registration report.

  • Fixed a USA volleyball-specific issue where the system forced membership purchases upon sharing a team.

  • Corrected a rostering problem where adding members to Season Management teams in Team Center did not translate to the Member Directory.

SportsEngine Motion


  • Provided admins with the ability to share classes and bookings to social networks or with a one-click email experience.

  • Improved the on-demand attendance feature by updating it to a new "Take Attendance" logo in iOS.

  • Added Agreements to the Booking Admin report.

  • Updated the time range for the Bookings Manager widget in the Mobile Dashboard API.

  • Created a new Member Bookings information view.

  • Created a new Booking Instructor role.

  • Added a Booking system page for the content management system.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue with member registration agreements not appearing in the Agreement report.

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