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Product Updates | March 2024
Product Updates | March 2024
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SportsEngine HQ


Sports Administration

  • Added the ability for club admins to create recurring events within Season Management.


  • Released statistics and standings for Season Management in the mobile app.


  • Added a call to action (CTA) option for Image Swap within the CMS, allowing users to select a different background image upon hovering over the image.

  • Added a Disconnect from template button that will unsync content templates from the Parent site and allow for local customization.

  • Added a Lock button to the Content and Parent templates to move and remove page content.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue that prevented singular events excluded from a series from being updated on the season site.

  • Fixed a Sitebuilder file uploading bug, which presented a 403 error message.

  • Corrected an issue where staff roles populated in the rostering tool but not on the Teams tab.

SportsEngine Motion


  • Added a reporting filter for upcoming and past bookings.

  • Updated the Bookings tool filters. Options beyond configured time limits are now filtered out.

  • Added the option to define a frozen time window for appointment registrations to the Bookings tool preferences.

  • Created a Bookings Registration page filter to exclude bookings with no available time slots.

  • Updated the Bookings New Appointment report to include a "Reviewed" column that shows admins when action has been taken on new registrations.

  • Created the ability to save a booking draft without adding hours or days.

  • Simplified the bookings navigation options.

  • Added features to allow parents to cancel or move appointments from their Account Info page.

SportsEngine Play


  • Added auto-play to channel highlights for web viewing.

  • Added an indicator display to show when a user is viewing the live stream dashboard and has scheduled streams with the hardware camera.

  • Updated the Studio Livestream page to display more information in the table view, provide settings insights, and improve the admin experience finding and editing live streams.

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