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Product Updates | October 2023
Product Updates | October 2023
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SportsEngine HQ


Members and Rosters Club and League

  • Added ability for admins to add headshots to team pages and logos to schedule pages.

  • Updated the user experience to include a complete view of Events on the Season Site's schedule and navigation improvements.

  • Improved Registration reporting by adding the Division name as an information field.

  • Updated E-Docs to improve sort and search functionality.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug displaying the incorrect win or loss result on the Season Site's Team page.

  • Resolved issue where games canceled in Season Management did not reflect in Team Center or the mobile app.

  • Fixed issue preventing members who need approval from showing in membership requests.

  • Corrected a bug causing National Collegiate Rugby organizations to disappear from membership price variation lists.

SportsEngine Motion


  • Improved the Registration report with additional optional columns.

  • Added the instructor's name to the confirmation emails for classes.

  • Updated the Class Admin page by adjusting feature size and placement and adding a new text editor.

  • Improved the bookings experience with a new Sign in Bookings Registration button to navigate bookings selections.

  • Completed an update to prompt admins to add missing required account information before assigning members to registration. The update includes the ability for users to opt out of SMS messages.

  • Added a T-shirt size question in registration that can be optional or required.

  • Updated the New Registration report user experience to allow users to scroll to view more options.

  • Added "unassigned" as a location dropdown option.

  • Added the ability to save, print, or download Class Attendance reports in Excel or as PDFs.

  • Improved functionality to automatically generate invoice files each month for all teams.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue causing attendance to display incorrectly on mobile devices.

  • Corrected bug preventing users from taking attendance on a mobile device.

  • Fixed a bug causing the wrong month to display in financial reporting after teams migrated with Swim-Thon data.

SportsEngine Play


  • Added a side panel for the Highlight button to allow users to input the highlight's name, start time, and end time in real time. This update applies to both desktop and mobile users.

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