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Product Updates | December 2023 & January 2024
Product Updates | December 2023 & January 2024
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SportsEngine HQ


  • Added the ability for admins to add and edit a team logo within Season Management.

  • Created the ability for admins to download a credential search CSV file using the Export function.

  • Added ability for admins to send users sign-in help via the member profile view.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that skipped the Registration Options page when users completed registrations.

  • Corrected a bug causing some registrations to have missing memberships.

  • Fixed an issue that allowed bypassing required registration questions.

  • Corrected a bug preventing the Review Complete button from working when setting up a registration.

  • Fixed an issue within Season Management that applied search filters only to a single page.

  • Resolved a bug that excluded locations from Season Management schedule exports.

  • Corrected an error message incorrectly showing when managing game stats in Season Management.

  • Fixed a bug that excluded some games from Standings.

  • Resolved an issue preventing saved photos from being added to a roster.

  • Resolved loading issue within the duplicate checker.

SportsEngine Motion


  • Completed update to allow for modifying the subject line in Contact Us emails.

  • Added ability for users to add notes to booking registrations.

  • Expanded gender options and competition categories for users to select from.

  • Created a web view of a consolidated SportsEngine Motion calendar for parents and admins.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved a bug preventing teams from running Top Times by the Events report.

SportsEngine Play


  • Updated the Highlights and Share icons.

  • Added a new Created by Me section to the Highlights tab.

  • Added a vertical streaming option to the mobile app.

  • Created a Livestream Promo Kit for admin resources on creating and sharing promotional posts.

  • Improved zoom functionality to 1.5x on iOS devices when streaming and using tap-to-zoom.

  • Improved mobile navigation logos and scrolling actions.

  • Created the ability for admins to trim replays and edit which team a replay is under.

  • Updated the Replay Highlights clipping tool with improved navigation, extended trimmer duration, and editing allowances.

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