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Product Updates | April 2024
Product Updates | April 2024
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SportsEngine HQ


  • Improved roster submission process for parent seasons to increase visibility into season submission.

  • Updated rostering UI to minimize rostering from unintended data sources.

  • Updated the MySE schedule to give each event its own card.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected TeamCenter issue where opponents' statuses as Home/Away did not save correctly.

  • Fixed bug that excluded entries from registration Quick Reports.

  • Resolved issue that prevented registration reports from automatically updating to show rostering changes.

  • Fixed bug that impacted the visibility of discount and order details from reports.

SportsEngine Motion


  • Renamed "Credit Card Missing" to "Select Credit Card" to alleviate user confusion about cards on file.

  • Updated the Member Details/Classes tab to consistently display the Email to Instructor icon for classes with assigned instructors.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved problem with attendance saving incorrectly to Member Details.

  • Fixed issue that cut off SMS notifications for social feeds.

  • Resolved bug that prevented Waitlist Available emails from being sent.

  • Completed update to ensure users receive verification codes reliably during the Update Account and Confirm Account steps.

  • Updated lifetime registration reports to ensure they are reliably generated in Excel.

SportsEngine Mobile

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue that prevented the display of teams when re-rostering after unfavoriting the team.

  • Resolved problem which caused unexpected logouts.

  • Fixed issue making game details unavailable for TBD games.

SportsEngine Play


  • Created a weekly email for parents and fans that includes new content for all followed Channels from the previous week.

SportsEngine AES


  • Added a new USAV adult membership role for importing adult players and staff into AES.

  • Distinguished between the different types of bids recorded on the Bid Management Dashboard.

  • Created a process to identify and validate staff vs player memberships for AAU events.

  • Added the ability to add documents to the mobile webpage for events.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected issue for Tournament Directors where the dropdown list was empty on the Teams tab for the option to Edit Multiple.

SportsEngine Tourney


  • Added a help link to the SportsEngine Tourney login page to direct users to login assistance.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue that prevented users from updating the General Location on the General Info page of an event.

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