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Product Updates | April 2023
Product Updates | April 2023
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SportsEngine HQ

Sports Administration

  • Resolved an issue where a user was not able to add and filter statements in smart groups.

  • Corrected an issue experienced by affiliated organizations using Season Management, where users were showing with an incomplete status after submitting to the National Governing Body.

  • Created a compliance rule to be inclusive of non-binary genders. This will allow admins to select the gender of players that are valid for specific divisions and select from male, female, non-binary, or any combination of the tree. Please note, this is for Governing Body only.

  • Began working on creating Tournament Roster rules, which will allow Governing Bodies to require a player be on a regular season roster in order to play on a tournament roster. Please note, this is for National Governing Body only.

Financial Tools

  • Added a beta ‘Sales Items’ tab next to the ‘Receivables’ tab on the Reporting page. This is an all-new report customers can begin using to track sales items they sell in registrations.

  • Updated the color of the ‘Refunded’ badge on the customer profile to match the status color on the “Heading,” “Participants Registration History,” and “Order” pages.

  • Completed an update so the ‘social insurance number’ field is optional. Please note, this is for Canadian organizations only.

Season Management

  • Added “time slots available” to the scheduling assistant. This allows admins to easily see the amount of time slots that are open at a specific location or a combination of locations to easily determine availability.

  • Started work on Top down scheduling: This is going to give the ability for a parent organization such as a national governing body the ability to schedule games for the child organizations that submit teams to them.

  • Started work on adding re-occurring events to Season Management. This will allow admins to easily set re- occurring events throughout the season. This is expected to be completed Mid May.

TourneyMachine & SportsEngine AES

  • Fixed an issue with the dropdown list being empty on the ‘Edit Multiple’ option of the Teams tab.

  • Created a current day process to verify the AAU membership type for non-player versus player.

  • Imported the new adult membership for USAV into AES for Adult Players and Staff.

  • Added an additional dropdown selection menu that lists out the type of bids that are recorded for a team in USAV on the USAV Bid Management Dashboard.

  • Completed an update so documents can be added to the mobile web page for an event.

  • Completed updates to the login page, including creating a link to the help page, as part of the SSO project.

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