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Product Updates | May 2023
Product Updates | May 2023
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SportsEngine HQ


Sports Administration

  • Completed the Tournament Roster rule, which will allow a Governing Body to require a player to be on a regular-season roster to play on a tournament roster. Please note this is for the National Governing body only.

Financial Tools

  • Completed the following backend updates to the Adjustments Reports:

    • Added the “notes” column for voids.

    • Changed the “Credit Applied Date” column to have the name “Credit Date.”

    • Shifted the Credit Date and the Void Date columns to be the first columns on those tables and the default column to sort.

  • Completed the following front-end updates to the Adjustments Reports:

    • Added the note column to voids.

    • Added the discount name link to the discount detail page.

    • Updated the export file name to contain the adjustment type.

    • Shifted the Credit Date and Void Date columns to be the first columns on those tables and the default column to sort with the most recent first.

Bug Fixes

Sports Administration

  • Resolved an issue where “Age Tags” were not matching up on the Membership Display with what is set up on the backend.

Financial Tools

  • Resolved an issue where orders were not transferring on the Merge.

  • Fixed an issue where a sale was displaying in the Sale Item report with the first participant on the first two rows.

  • Resolved an issue that caused both the manual and automatic QuickBooks syncs to fail.

  • Completed an update to prevent the use of today’s date as the due date on custom date payment plans.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the error message from displaying on the ‘Enter Representative Details’ page in the Financial Settings.

  • Fixed an issue that caused automatic discount codes to stop working before 11:59 pm on the day they were set to end.

Season Management

  • Resolved an issue where legacy Mass Scoring went down a few times by updating the certificate.

  • Fixed a bug that caused completed scores to appear blank when entering scores from the Season Management Mass score area.

  • Corrected an issue with games not showing on the Microsite.

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