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Product Updates | August 2023
Product Updates | August 2023
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SportsEngine HQ


Sports Administration

  • Released the beta phase for top-down scheduling, allowing two-tiered affiliations to have child organizations submit teams and rosters to the parent organization. Parent organizations can then manage and create schedules for child affiliates.

  • Added functionality to show Roster History for Season Management teams. This allows admins to view when a player or staff has been added to a team, who rostered them, and their eligibility history.


  • Improved functionality of the Eligibility Search.

  • Coming Soon: Ability to export information from the Eligibility Search.

  • Completed Eligibility List permissions changes. Now, access to background screening information will be available only to users with either Full Admin or Compliance access. These users can also override a background screening credential.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed the “non-nullable” error for the Registration Query in GraphQL.

SportsEngine Play

  • Added a new “Need Help?” dropdown that directs users to help content.

  • Added a link to Studio that links to SportsEngine Play, bringing users to the channel or video they are on.

  • Completed updates to hide practice events from non-admins within Studio.

  • Created a tooltip for the “practice” event type and an indicator for hidden practice events within Studio.

  • Improved the search functionality within Studio to match results based on gender, level, sub-level, and sport, in addition to team name.

TourneyMachine & SportsEngine AES


  • Corrected the display of large brackets.

  • Added the ability for Tournament Directors, Officials, and JVA Staff to send test emails.

  • Created the ability for Tournament Directors to add a link to “Store Apparel."


  • Updated the public view page within mobile to showcase Roster Fields.

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