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Season Management - Create Tournament Rosters
Season Management - Create Tournament Rosters
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Create Tournament Teams

NOTE: Tournament teams must be added within the same season as the regular season teams.

  1. From HQ, click Competition > Season Management.

  2. Within the season where regular season rosters were submitted, click the Teams tab.

    • To comply with tournament rules, players submitted in tournament rosters must have been submitted to a regular season roster within the same season.

  3. Click Add Teams and select either Manually Add Teams or Import Teams.

    • If creating teams manually, roster players before moving on to team submission.

Submit teams

NOTE: Before submitting teams, your season needs to be connected to the affiliated organization. If the regular season rosters have been submitted previously, the connection to the affiliated organization is already in place.

  1. From the Teams tab, click on the team name to share.

  2. Click Share Roster.

  3. Check that the organization and tournament and division are correct. Click Next.

  4. Choose the "Staff Role" from the drop-down.

  5. Click Next.

  6. Review the roster and click Share.

Approval Statuses

Once teams have been submitted, the Affiliation's compliance rules are applied, and statuses will be given to the team, players, and staff. Learn more about approval statuses here.

NOTE: To ensure that rosters are approved, resubmit teams whenever changes are made to the rosters, including when players are added or dropped. Click here to learn more.

Team Roster Statuses

  • Done: No errors or issues are present on the submitted team roster.

  • Needs Attention: Errors or violations exist for the team and/or individual member(s).

Player/Staff Individual Statuses

  • Approved: All compliance and eligibility rules have been completed correctly.

  • Incomplete: There is missing information regarding compliance or eligibility rules.

  • Denied: A compliance rule has been violated.

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