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Season Management - Team Affiliation Status
Season Management - Team Affiliation Status
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NOTE: All players and staff are shared with the Affiliated Organization regardless of roster status.

Once a season is shared and the teams are submitted, an Affiliation's compliance rules are applied, and the team, players, and staff have statuses.

Possible Affiliation Statuses are:

  • Done: No errors or issues are present on the submitted team roster.

  • Needs Attention: Errors or violations exist for the team and/or individual member(s).

Player/staff individual statuses count towards the minimum and maximum roster size compliance rule. Possible statuses are:

  • Approved: Fulfilled all compliance and eligibility rules.

  • Incomplete: Information regarding compliance or eligibility rules is missing.

  • Denied: Violated a compliance rule.

To view the team roster status:

  1. From SportsEngine HQ, click on Competition > Season Management.

  2. Locate the season and click Teams.

  3. To the right of each team, review the Affiliation Status.

  4. To dive into a status for a team, click the team name.

  5. The team tab opens. If not expanded, click the organization/league drop-down(s) to show the individual Staff or Player's statuses. For more information on an individual's eligibility status, click the player or staff name.

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