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Season Management - Rostering
Season Management - Rostering
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NOTE: Players and Staff must be available in the directory prior to rostering, either by club assignment or registration. You may also import your teams if desired.

To roster a team:

  1. In the left-hand navigation, click Competition > Season Management.

  2. Find the desired season, and click Rostering.

  3. Under People, use the Assign drop-down to select players or staff.

  4. If desired, search for a member by name.

  5. To narrow the search, click the Filters icon.

    • The main filters are Select a List of People, the desired birthdate range, gender, and roster status.

    • To set extra filters based on profile and/or membership information, click Advanced Filters > Add Filter and use the drop-downs to set the desired filter options.

    • To set the filters as default, check the Save Filters box.

  6. Click Apply.

  7. Check the box(es) by the member(s) to select them.

  8. To roster, click the add person icon and select the team, or drag and drop the member(s) into the proper team.

  9. A notification shows up when the roster is successful.

NOTE: If your season is affiliated, click here to learn how to share your season and submit rosters.

To remove a rostered member:

  1. Click the team's name to view the rostered members.

  2. On the right side of the member's name, click Remove.

  3. A notification shows up when the member is successfully removed.

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