To assign a role, you must have "Full Access" and "USAV Manager" permissions.

Clubs can designate new staff as USAV Manager to manage USAV memberships or rosters. Any user granted permissions as a USAV Manager or USAV Viewer MUST:

  • Have signed required waivers

  • Have a passed Background Screen

  • Be SafeSport Certified

  • Not have any USAV Suspensions

If a staff member has been granted USAV Manager permissions but their membership is currently not eligible they will see the following screen:

Assign Permissions

  1. Sign in to "SportsEngine HQ."

  2. Click on the Members > Directory.

  3. Find members from the People tab. You can search by name, email, or add a person if they do not yet exist. Click on their name to access their profile.

  4. Choose the Permissions sub-tab.

  5. In the top right-hand corner of the page click the grey pencil icon.

  6. If you'd like, you can choose a Permission Level to give Full or Limited Access to HQ features such as the directory, invoicing, registration, etc.

  7. Under Additional Permissions, select to give access to manage/view memberships and governing seasons.

  8. From the drop-down, choose permission.

    • Manager: Has access to the USA Volleyball tab in HQ (cannot access your club's member directory.)

    • Viewer: Has view-only access to the USA Volleyball Governing Season sub-tab.

  9. Click Save.

Administrative Functionality Available Depending on Role:


Organization Admin



Input teams, players, and staff into the Governing Season


Print official rosters & member cards



View teams, players, and staff within Governing Season



View player/staff information in Member Directory


Cancel Memberships


Certify eligibility requirements are complete


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