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The Member Management System can break down into three sections:


"Memberships" are created for each Region by SportsEngine. Regions can adjust their memberships, such as updating the name, changing the price, adding descriptions, adjusting when it's available, eligibility requirements, and setting the validity range.

  • Memberships sold can not be deleted, only archived by Regional Admins.

  • Regions will also be able to apply pricing and discounts to memberships.

Governing Seasons

The "Governing Season" tab will display all of your member Clubs' team, player, and staff data. This will only appear after they have submitted this information within their SportsEngine HQ account.

Submitted Teams will be assigned to a "Governing Division." These divisions have rules depending on age, gender, membership eligibility, and max roster size.

Region admins can view approvals (manual or auto), see official rosters, print player cards, or export team data.


"Eligibility" requirements are set in place by USAV. Staff and player roles have different requirements, and they must be met for someone to participate.

The Memberships tab will allow you to view who has met the requirements set by USAV and who has not. You can send out reminders to the staff or players that have yet to reach their eligibility requirements.

Regions can also add on their own specific eligibility requirements to a membership. These can include documents such as concussion training or additional waivers.

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