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AAU Membership ID Validating Question
AAU Membership ID Validating Question
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Below is the information and steps to validate an AAU membership ID. You can read through the whole article or click the links below to go to the specific section you are looking for:


  • The "AAU Membership Information" and "AAU Questions" groups should be used if adding this functionality to a registration session. Both question groups will need to be added to separate pages, the first page should contain the fields from the "AAU Membership Information" group (AAU Membership ID & Zip). The following page should contain the fields from the "AAU Questions" group.

  • The “AAU Membership ID” and "Zip" must be on a separate page before the Contact Information. Also, the "Zip" must match what AAU has on file for the AAU Member ID. If it doesn't match, the registrant will receive an error message.

  • Additionally, none of the “Required Fields” can be removed from the registration session. Doing so will cause the registration session to error out. If there is a “required field” that you wish to not include in the form, make that field “hidden” so it doesn't show up for general members.

Required Fields for the Validation to Work (21 Fields Total)

  • AAU Membership ID

  • Zip

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Middle Initial

  • Birthdate

  • Gender

  • Address 1

  • Address 2

  • City

  • State/Province

  • Zip

  • Country

  • AAU Category Code (Hidden Admin Field)

  • AAU Ending Year (Hidden Admin Field)

  • AAU Primary Sport Code (Hidden Admin Field)

  • AAU Address Line 3 (Hidden Admin Field)

  • AAU Association Code (Hidden Admin Field)

  • AAU Club Code (Hidden Admin Field)

  • AAU Program Code (Hidden Admin Field)

  • AAU Insurance Type (Hidden Admin Field)

How to Add an AAU Membership ID Validating Question


  • It is best to copy a past registration with AAU membership validation fields if you have one.

  • This article will outline how to add all validating fields to a new, blank registration.

  1. Navigate to the "Welcome Page" of your registration you are creating.

  2. Click into Edit Mode.

  3. On the left side of the screen, click Add New Form.

  4. In the Form Name field, input a name.

    • e.g., "AAU Membership Information"

  5. Click Save Form.

  6. Within the form, you just created, click Add Question or Page Element.

  7. Under Add Questions, click Choose a Question Group.

  8. In the search bar, type in "AAU Membership Information".

  9. Click on the question group AAU Membership Information.

    • Those questions will now be added to your registration.

  10. After you add the AAU Membership Information question group, find the question labeled "AAU Membership ID"

    • Should be at the top of your page.

  11. On the right side of the question, click the gray gear icon.

  12. Choose Edit.

  13. Under The Question Format Is..., and next to Membership must have a year in, change the year of the validity of the AAU Number.

  14. Click Save Question.

  15. After updating the validity year for the AAU number, click Add New Form on the left side of the screen.

  16. Label the form "AAU Questions," then click Save Form.

  17. Click Add Question or Page Element.

  18. Click Choose a Question Group.

  19. Search for "AAU Questions."

  20. Click the AAU Questions group.

    • Those questions will be added to your registration.

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