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Season Management - Create Team Pages on a Website
Season Management - Create Team Pages on a Website
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You must have "Full Access" or "Limited Access - Website" permissions to edit your site.

NOTE: The steps below are for Season Management organizations. For Sport Management instructions, click here.

Copy Team Embed Code

  1. Within "SportsEngine HQ," click Competition > Season Management.

  2. In the correct season, click Teams.

  3. Within the team you’re creating a team page for, click the three-dot icon > Share Team Site.

  4. Under Embed Code, click the copy icon to copy the code to your clipboard.

    • The copied code will be used later within the Paste Team Embed Code steps.

  5. Click Close.

  6. Click Back.

Setup Season Management Template

  1. Click the Website tab > Website Tools.

  2. Click Templates.

  3. Click the Season Management Templates sub-tab.

  4. Scroll through the template options and click Preview to view the desired template, then click Copy Template.

  5. Click Edit Template Settings.

  6. Rename the template as needed and check the box next to Enabled.

  7. Click Save Template.

Create a Page on the Website

  1. Within "SportsEngine HQ," click Go to Website.

  2. Ensure that Edit Mode is on.

  3. Under Edit Mode, click Pages.

  4. Select Sub Pages or Main Menu, depending on where the page is needed.

    • Main Menu is the horizontal list of page links at the top of your site in the main navigation.

    • Sub Pages appear in the dropdown menu under a page listed in the Main Menu.

  5. Click Add New Page.

  6. Click General Page.

  7. From the Top Template dropdown, select the newly created Season Management template.

  8. Enter the required and any optional information. When finished, click Create and Go To This Page.

  9. At the top of the page, click Unlink, then Unlink again to confirm.

  10. Refresh your page to reflect the changes made.

Paste Team Embed Code

  1. On the new page, locate the Code element and click its respective gear icon > Edit.

  2. Under Code, paste the previously copied Team Site embed code.

  3. Click Save Changes.

NOTE: Data displays in the Roster tab only if the team is within a division.

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