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How to View or Upload Proof of Birth
How to View or Upload Proof of Birth
Updated over a week ago

You must have "Full Access" or "Limited Access - HQ Tools" permissions to view and upload Proof of Birth.

  1. Log in to "SportsEngine HQ".

  2. On the left-hand navigation bar, click the Affiliation tab.

  3. Click the Proof of Birth sub-tab.

  4. View the Status column and locate the player to upload PoB.

  5. On the right side of the page, under the Actions column, click the Upload button.

  6. Click the Add Image button and select the file from your device.

    • Accepted image files are PNG, JPG, JPEG, and PDF.

    • File sizes up to 10MB maximum are accepted.

    • Use the uploaded document to confirm the player's Legal Name, Gender, and Date of Birth.

  7. Click Submit.

The document is visible in the directory by clicking the member name > Memberships tab.

The admin staff reviews and then approves or rejects the submission. If PoB documentation is rejected, the uploader is sent an email telling them why the PoB needs to be re-uploaded. To re-upload the proof of birth, under the Actions column, click Edit.

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