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How to Access Help Resources
How to Access Help Resources
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Access our help resources on the right-hand side of the screen by clicking the Need Help? button. If the "Need Help?" button is not visible, click here to troubleshoot.

To access our library of help articles, click here.


Walk-Throughs are task-specific and provide easy on-screen instructions that walk you through the selected task. Click Need Help? > Walk-Throughs and use the search or browse the sections to find the Walk-Through you need to get the job done.


The Academy is a series of training modules that cover an entire area of the system rather than a single task. Using on-screen walk-throughs and videos, whether you're a new admin or an experienced user needing to refresh your knowledge, you're able to access comprehensive training on the system at all times. Click Need Help? > Academy to view the modules.

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The Resources tab includes articles from our Help Center to combine all of our help resources in one place. Click Need Help? > Resources and use the search or browse each section to find the article you need.

Training Camp

Training Camp is a video library with tutorials for Admins, Team Staff, and Parents. Use the top navigation bar to select the section and view the videos available.

Contact Us

If you are a parent or athlete, please get in touch with the organization you are affiliated with. If you are an admin or team splease take a look at, view the instructions on contacting our customer success team by clicking here.

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