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How to Configure Division Rules
How to Configure Division Rules
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USAV creates Division Rules for Regions. If your Region has additional Division Rules for Clubs, you can configure them as desired.

  1. Log in to "SportsEngine HQ".

  2. Click Competition > Season Management.

  3. Under the desired season, click Divisions.

  4. To edit a division, to the right of the division name, click Edit.

  5. Navigate as desired to configure the division's rules:

    • Division Name & Code - Can update Division Name/Code.

    • Roster Requirements - Enable Roster Violations/Warnings for max team sizes, determine head coach rules, and the maximum number of teams allowed per person.

    • Roster Approval Settings - Determine if you would like to manually or auto-approve players/staff.

    • Age and Gender Requirements - Enable Violations/Warnings, Add Grade Exceptions.

    • Membership Types - Input the required memberships for both players/staff.

  6. When satisfied with your changes, click Save & Exit.

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