1. Log in to SE HQ.

  2. Click USA Volleyball > Governing Seasons.

  3. Click Teams to see all teams and their roster status.

  4. For teams marked "Decisions Needed," click the Team Name.

  5. You will be presented with the team members and their roster status. Click See Staff/Player Details to view the players/staff with warnings or violations.

  6. Players/staff members with warnings/violations have an icon directly to the left of their name. If they have met all of the eligibility rules, they will not.

  7. If a player/staff member does have a warning/violation, click on their name to see what eligibility requirements are still needed.

  8. When you're ready to approve/deny, to the left of the player/staff name, click the checkbox. You can select all by checking the box at the very top.

  9. From the upper-right corner, click Change Status.

  10. Click either Approve or Deny. Any approval/denial can be reversed by clicking Undo Decision.

  11. Click Change.

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