You must have "Full Access" or "Limited Access - Financials" permissions to view eChecks.

  1. Sign in to "SportsEngine HQ."

  2. Once in "SportsEngine HQ," click on the Registration tab, then choose Financial Summary.

  3. Under the Financial Summary header, choose the Chargebacks sub-tab.

  4. Under the Order Number column, click one of the orders to view the chargeback.

Frequently Used Chargeback Terms

  • Chargeback Date. This is the date upon which the Organization and Account Holder was notified of the existence of the eCheck payment.

  • Tender. A value of “C” denotes a credit card-related dispute. A value of “A” denotes an eCheck payment (ACH).

  • Status. The status field represents the current condition of the ACH Return.

    • Open means that the notification has been sent out, and the eCheck payment is in the 14-day resolution period.

    • Closed means that no further action is necessary on the order, or there has been a resolution agreed to by both parties.

    • Closed - Account Debited means the resolution period (14 days) has passed, and SportsEngine has withdrawn the amount of the eCheck from the Organization's account on file.

    • Closed - Payment Received means that the Registrant has reimbursed SportsEngine for the amount of the eCheck and no further action is necessary on the order.

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