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Learn About Financial Reporting Tools
Learn About Financial Reporting Tools
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The following financial reports are available:

  • Payout Report- Data includes activity within a specific payout. You can click on specific dates within a payout to view an activity report that includes:

    • Source Data - Payments, fees, refunds, and other amounts that make up the total and the source.

    • Activity Data - Activity date, type, source, transaction ID, sale ID, gross/net amounts, and fees.

  • Receivables Report - Data includes past and coming due money for invoices sent or collected payments.

  • Sale Items Report - Data includes details on sales broken down by specific sale items with sale source, sale ID, account owner, participant, status, and more displayed.

  • Adjustments Report - Data includes a breakdown of discounts, credits, and voids that take sales from the gross amount to the net amount.

  • Payments Report - Data includes a breakdown of the Total Payments Received, Paid Online, and Paid Offline, and the individual transactions for each.

  • Refunds Report - Data outlines all refund details, including total refunds, amount, type, account owner, sale ID, and more.

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