Types of Permissions
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You must have "Full Access" permissions to grant permissions.

There are a few different types of permissions that you can grant a member or a group when giving them access to your website.

When Granting Permissions to a Specific Product or Tool



Full Access

Access all tools and manage website content

Limited Access: HQ Tools

Access to all non-financial administrative tools in HQ.

Limited Access: Website

Access to all website pages and content.

Limited Access: Financials

Access to all financial tools and information.

Limited Access: Compliance

Access to view and manage background screens. Only visible with an active Verify subscription.

No Access

This allows orgs to give an admin a role without providing access to HQ.

When Granting Permission to Staff

Team Manager

Schedule the team's games and events, manage RSVPs, and manage team administrative features from the mobile app.


Gives access to modify the team website, roster from registrations or the team page, schedule via the website or the app, manage RSVPs, and manage team administrative features from the mobile app.

When Granting Permissions to Individual Pages




Update and edit all content, move or delete pages, assign permissions, create groups, send messages, create new pages, etc.


View private page, add elements, and edit content.


View private page.

NOTE: Having Page Edit access on a Team Page does not give admin permissions in TeamCenter or the Mobile App. Instead, use the Mass Rostering tool in HQ to roster the individual as staff, then assign the Coach or Team Manager Role.

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