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Why should an Organization use Memberships?
Why should an Organization use Memberships?
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Your organization must have a SportsEngine HQ Premium subscription to utilize any Memberships and Eligibility functionality.

Memberships provide a variety of benefits for an organization:

  • Using the memberships and eligibility functionality, organizations can create a safety program that will allow them to create, monitor, and manage safety requirements for staff such as background screening and APS training.

  • Memberships also allow an organization to strengthen its sponsorship program, giving a simple way to offer discounted services and goods from participating sponsors.

  • Optimize an organization's ability to run a booster club. Offering different options for donation can provide tiers of incentives.

  • Simplify the tryout process to manage and run tryouts easily.

Additional membership features include digital and printed "Memberships Cards" with QR codes for easily communicated real-time eligibility updates and eligibility emails.

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