USAV - Acronyms / Commonly Used Terms
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  • AES - Advanced Event Systems - Volleyball competition and event management technology.

  • API - Application Programming Interface - Acts as the connection between multiple software programs.

  • BGS - Background Screen

  • HQ - SportsEngine Head Quarters - The admin control panel for club/region administrators. Within HQ, admins control their roster submissions, financials, registrations, and communications.

  • LMS - Learning Management System - Another name for USAV Academy, which is handled by Litmos.

  • MMS - Member Management System - The system national governing bodies use to manage their entire league.

  • NCSA - Next College Student Athlete - A partner recruiting service to USA Volleyball.

  • NCSI - National Center for Safety Initiatives - USA Volleyball’s approved background screening partner.

  • NGB - National Governing Body - USA Volleyball is a national governing body.

  • OBO - On Behalf Of - OBO memberships allow regions/clubs the ability to purchase a membership on behalf of a member if they are unable to themselves. Or if they would like to “gift” the membership to staff.

  • RVA - Regional Volleyball Association - A single region of the 40 USA Volleyball Regions.

  • RVAA - Regional Volleyball Association Assembly - Used when referring to all 40 USA Volleyball Regions.

  • SE - SportsEngine - The software company which provides the Member Management System to USA Volleyball.

  • SS - SafeSport - The Olympic community’s initiative to recognize, reduce and respond to the problem of child abuse in Sports.

  • UI - User Interface - The means in which a person controls a software application or a hardware device.

  • USAV - USA Volleyball - The NGB for the sport of volleyball in the United States, as recognized by the USOPC.

  • USCSS/SS - US Center for SafeSport/SafeSport

  • USOPC - United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee - Oversees all National Governing Bodies of Sports in the United States.

  • UX - User Experience - The overall experience of a person using a website or a computer application.

Commonly Used Terms

  • Club Assignment Request - A club assignment request connects the member to their club and prompts them to purchase a membership. Members must accept a club assignment request and purchase a membership in order to be able to participate. Click here to learn how to send a club assignment request.

  • Digital Cards - A scannable digital player or staff card that allows for quick Membership validation.

  • Directory Invite - This is an invitational email that members must accept in order to become an active members in your Member Directory.

  • Division Rules - USAV established rules that segment governing divisions. Rules include age, gender, skill, membership level, roster sizes, etc.

  • Eligibility - Requirements that need to be completed once a member purchases a membership. Eligibility requirements vary depending on membership level.

  • Governing Divisions - Divisions within the MMS that teams are assigned to depending on specific division rules.

  • Incognito or Private Mode - This is a “tip or trick” if you’re working in multiple accounts, and the name varies depending on the browser you’re in. If you open an Incognito or private window in your browser (generally found in the upper right near bookmarks), then whatever you enter as a password or other information will not be remembered. This is useful for situations of multiple logins (i.e., a club tryout or logging in as an alternate user).

  • Membership Directory - Your organization's directory is your “phone book” of profiles that your organization has interacted with. Profiles in your directory are not necessarily current/ eligible members of your organization.

  • Memberships - What a member must purchase in order to participate in USA Volleyball. Membership is made up of a Region price and a USAV price

  • SE Help - The blue “Need Help?” tab located within SportsEngine HQ gives you access to help articles, documentation, and videos. Use the search tab or scroll through the categories/subcategories to find information specific to USA Volleyball.

  • Third-Party System - A third party is a software component developed by an entity other than the original vendor of the development platform. Examples of this would be the LMS and event systems like SportWrench.

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