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How to Send Auto Email Notifications
How to Send Auto Email Notifications
Updated over a week ago

You must have "Full Access" or "Limited Access - HQ Tools" permissions to configure auto notifications.

  1. Sign in and create a Saved Registration Report.

  2. After creating the saved report, on the upper-right side of the report options, click Auto Notifications.

  3. Click Create New Notification.

  4. Select On Demand or Daily Delivery.

    • On-Demand: Notification is sent immediately following registration

    • Daily: Notifications are sent in daily batches between 12 am and 3 am.

  5. Select Email notification method.

  6. Enter ::account_email:: in the email address field.

  7. Enter a subject and body content to the message.

  8. Click Save Notification.

Use Registration Fields in the Message

When you click the recipient address, subject, or body text boxes, a list of fields from the registration will appear to the right of the window. You can use these fields to create a dynamic message that says one thing for one recipient and something else for another.

For example, if you start the message by selecting the field first_name from the list, the message might appear as "Hi ::first_name::" to you but would appear as "Hi Jerry" to a registrant named Jerry.

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