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Troubleshooting Issues with Club Assignments, Memberships, and Eligibility
Troubleshooting Issues with Club Assignments, Memberships, and Eligibility

Help parents troubleshoot Club Assignments, Memberships, and Eligibility issues.

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If you need help with your membership or SportsEngine HQ account, let us help troubleshoot the most common issues to ensure you're eligible to participate.

Club Assignments

I am not receiving the Club Assignment Email.

Some organizations send a direct link to purchase the Membership, while others send a club assignment email as an invitation to join. You could have a duplicate account if you expect a club assignment email and are not receiving it. If not, log in to your account and check the MySE Dashboard for the Club Assignment notification.

Navigate to the SportsEngine HQ Communication Preferences tab to verify that you're opted in to receive communications from your Club. If you are, contact your Club to verify your account email address. If it's found that you have more than one account, please get in touch with SportsEngine to resolve this. You will need to give us both email addresses and the email you want to be the primary.

I am receiving a "Whoa, That's Not the Playbook" Error when trying to accept my club assignment.

Check to make sure that you are signed into the correct account. Then, contact your Club to ensure the address matches their record if the account is accurate.

I cannot purchase a Membership after I accept my Club Assignment.

Typically, you cannot purchase memberships under the player's profile. Instead, an account owner or parent/guardian must purchase memberships to complete waivers.

If you have just created the account, and there isn't anything tied to the player's profile, you can update the account to include your information. Click HERE to learn how.

Once the information is updated, you can contact the Club and request to send a new invite under the athlete's name. This will add the player as a sub-profile under the main account to complete the assignment process.


I am unable to select my profile when completing my background screen.

Each person needing a background screen must have their own account, as only the main profile of the account can go through the screening process. Suppose the user has already purchased the Membership on a sub-profile. In that case, they need to cancel it, create a new account, and re-purchase the Membership so the accounts (and credentials) can be merged -- reach out to SportsEngine HQ Support for help.

Why don't I see my background screen on my dashboard?

There are two reasons why you do not see your background screen on your dashboard:

  • It has expired.

  • The screen was completed under a different email address than the one you're currently logged into.

    • You may contact support to resolve this issue. Please include both email addresses, and note the email you'd like to be the primary account.

  • Your background check has not been "linked" to your account.

    • Please reach out to your District/Region admin for help.

Why am I unable to select my profile when completing my background screen?

Only the main profile of an account can complete a background check. If this problem happens, you can contact SportsEngine HQ Support to solve the problem and meet the membership eligibility requirements in the account with the correct Membership.


How do I view my Membership Card?

Your digital card may only be accessed from a smartphone and should be saved in your Apple Wallet or G Pay. To add your digital card to your smartphone, search your email inbox and open the "[Your Affiliation] Membership Email." At the bottom of the email, click to add to your Apple Wallet or G Pay. To do this from an SE account, click HERE.

Where do I purchase my Membership?

Reach out to your Club's administrator. They will be able to walk you through the process, as each affiliation has its own process.

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