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Product Updates | November & December 2021
Product Updates | November & December 2021
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Feature Releases

Member Management

  • NGB Permissions: Full Access "org-role-granter" admins can add and remove their own NGB permissions but cannot edit their other permissions, e.g., full or limited access.

Programs and Registration

  • Admin Assistance: A process has been added that connects organizations with a member of the Youth & Rec Sports team if they cannot use the program signup workflow.

  • SE Profile Pictures: Organizations can now download a profile picture from registration reporting and "Quick Reports."

Members & Rosters

  • Membership Filtering: The ability to filter within the Directory has been enhanced to allow admins to run reports on all membership types at once and to configure the membership columns shown in reports.

  • Coach Permissions: When rostering coaches in Season Management, admins can assign permissions simultaneously.

Bug Fixes

Programs and Registration

  • Fixed: Date of birth fields were mislabeled.

  • Fixed: Error preventing users from selecting "View Legacy Permissions."


  • Fixed: Issue where users were unable to relocate an existing page beneath another existing page.


  • Fixed: Some events on team pages appeared with the wrong date if the user was in a time zone other than the time zone where the event was taking place.

  • Fixed: The Notification page was not saving settings properly.

  • Fixed: Admins were unable to edit games.

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