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Product Updates | March 2022
Product Updates | March 2022
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Feature Releases

Members and Rosters

  • Team Rules Visibility: Added the ability to see Team Rules in the Team Side panel for Season Management.

  • Roster Alert: Added an alert to notify admins if they have discrepancies between their Season Management roster and the roster submitted to their Governing Body.

Safety and Eligibility

  • Membership Confirmation: Updated the Membership Confirmation page to clarify the steps a member must take to complete their membership eligibility requirements.

  • Print and Save Membership Cards: A new Save Membership Card button was added in MySE and HQ so users can print and save cards.

Bug Fixes

Members and Rosters

  • Fixed: The Member Directory was not loading for some users.

  • Fixed: Users were unable to approve membership requests.

Member Management

  • Fixed: Resolved issue where users were unable to remove secondary emails from profiles.

  • Fixed: Some users were unable to accept profile invitations.

Programs and Registration

  • Fixed: Fields could not be added to signups.

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