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Product Updates | July 2022
Product Updates | July 2022
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Feature Releases

Programs and Registrations

  • Participant info: Admins can now open the participant info modal to select and unselect fields to include in the signup.

Safety and Eligibility

  • On-Behalf-Of (OBO) Memberships: Added the "Accept Club Assignment OBO" ability for admins in the Membership tab.

Member Management

  • Profile Images: An image uploader was added to the profile page component for profile images.

  • Duplicate Checker: Updated the "Last Updated At" feature within the Duplicate Checker Tool.


  • Payout Report: Completed styling, sorting, and filtering updates within Payout Reports.

  • QuickBooks: Built a Sync Activity table, a data mapper, and an edit sync time modal for the QuickBooks integration.

Bug Fixes

Programs and Registrations

  • Fixed: Issue where a 500 application error was received when trying to create a new registration session.

  • Fixed: Resolved a problem where admins could not add an additional sport to a program.

  • Fixed: Error where inaccurate registration counts for Total, Active, and Unique entries were reported.


  • Fixed: Corrected issues with adding single photo elements to emails that resulted in misalignment.

  • Fixed: Video page elements were not displaying in emails using page layout messages.

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