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Product Updates | April 2022
Product Updates | April 2022
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Feature Releases

Safety and Eligibility

  • Electronic Documents: Customers will now see Electronic Documents (eDocs), instead of Waivers. Admins can create and add eDocs to memberships, verify eligibility statuses within a membership context, and view and print signed eDocs. Parents can view and sign eDocs within the membership purchase flow, from links within membership emails, and from action links in MySE.

Programs and Registration

  • eDocs: In relation to Safety and Eligibility updates, customers using Programs can now create, add, manage, and sign, eDocs directly within the Programs workflow.


  • Payout Details: Completed formatting updates to Payout Report columns and added table formatting on the Payout Detail Activity table.

  • Payout Report: Added participant information to the Payout Report data.

Members and Rosters

  • Saved Filters: Admins can now save filters in the rostering tool to reuse later and avoid resetting each time.

Bug Fixes

Member Management

  • Fixed: Issue where admins were unable to edit permissions within a profile.


  • Fixed: Resolved an issue where inactive banners were displaying on SiteBuilder pages.

Programs and Registrations

  • Fixed: Corrected an issue in Registrations where SE profile questions were not properly updating data.

  • Fixed: Customers were receiving an Invalid Date error when editing any Date questions.

Club and League

  • Fixed: Live Scoring was resulting in a server error.

  • Fixed: Divisions and teams were not being copied over when copying a subseason.


  • Fixed: The option for "All Players and Staff" was not appearing when creating a message in the Android app.

  • Fixed: In iOS, "No Roster Members" was incorrectly displaying when viewing the RSVP tab.

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