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Season Management - Scheduling Assistant FAQ
Season Management - Scheduling Assistant FAQ
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What are scheduling rules?

Scheduling rules are specifications made using the scheduling assistant to ensure games meet the necessary criteria. Types of rules include:

  • Game length

  • Minimum time between time slots

  • Maximum games per day

  • Minimum time between games

  • Blackout dates

  • Venue Restrictions

  • Game restrictions

For more on each of the individual rule types, click here.

Can I edit my games after auto-scheduling?

Yes! If games have been auto-scheduled, you may manually adjust the schedule by editing game dates, times, and locations or deleting games. Open time slots are displayed in the scheduling assistant to make editing games manually easy.

Can I create elimination rules in my schedule?

The scheduling assistant is equipped to schedule pool play and does not support single or double-elimination bracket creation.

Why does my game have a status of Unscheduled?

If a game on your calendar has an Unscheduled status, the game is not yet publicly visible on your site. To change the status of a game to Scheduled, click the three-dot icon, then Publish Game.

Why is there a warning icon by my game/event?

A warning icon indicates a scheduling conflict with that game or event. Scheduling conflicts include double bookings or failure to adhere to applied scheduling rules. Hovering over the warning icon or clicking View conflict details will display the conflict information.

I cannot see the games I've scheduled on the calendar.

To find your scheduled games quickly, use the Quick Filters at the top of the calendar view to narrow your search by Division, Location, and Date. For more detailed filter choices, use the filter icon in the upper right of the calendar view to apply custom date ranges, game statues, and teams to search for.

How can I ensure that each division has an equal number of scheduled games?

Use the Schedule Summary to show the total number of games per division to review the amount of games. Games are shown by team name and separated by Home or Away statuses. From the Schedule page, click the three-dot icon, then Schedule Summary to view.

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