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How to Complete the Crash Course Concussion Training
How to Complete the Crash Course Concussion Training
Updated over a week ago

For memberships requiring the completion of the Crash Course: Concussion Training:

  1. Purchase the membership, and click Continue to MySportsEngine to complete any requirements.

    • NOTE: Though it is recommended to complete training immediately after purchase, the training may be completed later through MySE. Simply log in, and click Household > View Profile.

  2. Click Complete Requirement.

  3. To the right of Crash Course: Concussion Education, click Complete Training.

  4. Under Course Lessons, click Video.

    • The video must be watched in order to the Post Video Assessment.

  5. Once finished watching the video, click Next to proceed.

  6. Click Next again to begin the Post Video Assessment.

  7. Answer all questions, checking each answer as you go.

  8. Once every question has been answered and checked, click Next to receive the Completion Certificate.

  9. If desired, click Print to print or save the certificate.

  10. To go back to MySE, in the upper-right corner, click your Initials > MySportsEngine.

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