With SafeSport Lookup, coaches and staff can prove they have their SafeSport Training completed.

Follow these steps to complete:

  1. Locate eligibility requirements from your organization's "Welcome Email" sent to the address linked to the membership following purchase.

  2. Next to SafeSport Training, click Complete Certification beneath the # of requirements that need to be completed section.
    NOTE: Eligibility requirements can also be located in MySE here.

  3. On the SafeSport landing page, select Yes, I have completed SafeSport training.

  4. For those entering their SafeSport "Refresher course" proof, you will need to enter the 32 digit completion code that confirms you completed the original "Core" SafeSport training, before entering the refresher course code.

    • Course codes must be entered in the order they were taken.

  5. Enter the 32 digit completion code that confirms your most recently completed SafeSport training. Enter the code and click Continue.

    • Find the 32 digit completion code at the bottom of your recently completed SafeSport trained certificate, sent via email.

    • Or, access it by signing into SafeSport.

  6. Once completed, you will be redirected to your SportsEngine account. Within MySE, it now shows SafeSport Training is complete, and the eligibility has been updated.

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