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How to Add a News Aggregator Page Element
How to Add a News Aggregator Page Element
Updated over a week ago

You must have "Full Access" or "Limited Access - Website" permissions to edit your site.

The "News Aggregator" Page Element displays the latest news articles in a list on your site. A News Aggregator can be used to display articles of all topics or it can be used to only display articles relevant to a certain topic by using tags.

  1. Sign in to your site and turn on Edit Mode.

  2. Go to the page where you want to add the aggregator to and click Add Page Element.

  3. Choose the News Aggregator Page Element.

  4. On the upper-right portion of the aggregator, click Show Tag Menu.

  5. Choose the option that reads Select All Tags or scroll down and choose the specific tags that are relevant to this article/page.

    • NOTE: If you don't see the page or tag that you would like to select, it may be because news hasn't been enabled for that page yet. Click here to see how to do this.

  6. Click Hide Tag Menu.

  7. Add a title, adjust the settings, and click Create This Page Element.

    • Advanced Settings to note:

      • Expanded Previews to Display: Expanded Article Previews display a larger Preview Image and Headline, and include Article Preview Text. Expanded Articles are displayed differently based on the Layout Container they reside within. Entire articles and all page elements will be displayed if the News Aggregator exists within a single column Layout Container. Only Article headlines will be displayed in all other Layout Container configurations.

      • Condensed Previews Display: Condensed Article Previews display a smaller Preview Image and Headline, and do not have Article Preview Text.

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