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How to Add the Dibs Aggregator Page Element
How to Add the Dibs Aggregator Page Element
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To add a Dibs Aggregator page, you must have "Full Access" or "Limited Access - Website" permissions.

The "Dibs Aggregator" is a page element that displays available Dibs items (volunteer shifts). By clicking a Dib item within the Dibs Aggregator, users of your website will be able to claim said Dib item. The Dibs aggregator will only display unclaimed and future Dib items. This is a great way to showcase unclaimed Dib items from general and team pages on your website. Volunteers will easily be able to view available Dibs items without going into Dibs in their account.

  1. Sign in and turn on Edit Mode.

  2. Go to the page where you want to add the element to and click Add Page Element.

  3. Scroll down and choose the Dibs Aggregator Page Element.

  4. Choose the Dibs Sessions that you would like to display.

    • NOTE: You must have Dibs sessions created before you can use this element.

  5. Add a title to the aggregator, choose the amount of Dibs items that display, then click Create This Page Element.

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