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HQ CSV Imports/Uploads
HQ CSV Imports/Uploads
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There are several features within HQ that allow importing CSV files, which can be beneficial when large amounts of data need to be added to the system more efficiently. This includes adding games and events, members, teams, and volunteer items. Linked below are the CSV import templates needed, along with more detailed instructions on how to use each.

Schedule Uploads

Use the Schedule Upload to mass import games and events into the website. Learn more about Schedule Uploads here.

When using the Schedule Upload, you can create Standard Events or Games.

Standard Events

Required fields for Standard Events include:

  • Start Date

  • Start Time

  • End Date

  • End Time

  • Title


Required fields for Games include:

  • Start Date

  • Start Time

  • End Date

  • End Time

  • Team 1 ID

  • Team 1 is Home

  • Team 2 ID

  • Team 2 Name

Member Import

Learn more about importing members into the Member Directory here.

When building the import file, please use the correct email address for the member. Failure to do so results in technical consequences that can lead to member duplicates or merging complications.

Once the import is complete, members receive an email invite that must be accepted to become an active member in the directory.

Required fields for importing members include:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Date of Birth

  • Email

  • Physical Address

  • City

  • State

  • Country

  • Zip Code

Import Dibs Items

When organizations have a mass number of volunteer shift opportunities, it may be easier to import them as Dibs. Learn more about how to import Dibs items here.

To use the Dibs Item Template, download and replace the example entries with the desired dib item's information. The required fields in the template include:

  • Name

  • Location

  • Start Date

  • End Date

  • Credit Value

  • Cancel Window

  • All Day Event

Teams and People

Click here to download the template.

Learn more about using the CSV Spreadsheet Upload in Season Management here.

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