What are Club Assignments?
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What are Club Assignments?

  • When an affiliated parent shares memberships, it is important for the player/staff member to have the parent membership connected to a specifically affiliated club to track overall participation in their affiliation.

  • Club assignment is assigning the membership to a specific affiliated club.

  • Even though many players/staff may purchase a membership directory from a parent (i.e., NGB or Region), the club assignment process is necessary to fully recognize participation.

  • Club admins can choose to use open or direct club assignments.

Should I use Public or Direct Club Assignments?

  • For ease of use, the public club assignment option is the most straightforward and streamlined approach, as it does not require the participant to be in the club directory.

    • Note - Any person with the link can purchase a membership and be assigned to that specific club.

  • Admins wanting to narrow control over who receives a club assignment link should utilize the public club assignment option.

  • It is possible to use both open/closed club assignments.

  • As a reminder, club assignment is only one step in being eligible to participate - participants may also need to be rostered to teams.

Steps for Public Club Assignment

  1. The club administrator generates a link and shares it with participants.

  2. Participants click the link, purchase a membership if needed, and are assigned to the club.

  3. Participant appears in the club directory with the membership assigned to the club.

Steps for Direct Club Assignment

  1. The club administrator ensures the participant is in their member directory and sends direct club assignments privately to the participant's email address.

  2. Participant accesses club assignment via MySE or email, purchases a membership if needed, and club assignment occurs.

  3. The participant now has a membership and is assigned to the club.

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