How to Complete My SafeSport Refresher
Updated over a week ago

After the first year of being SafeSport Core certified, you will need to complete a Refresher Course until the process restarts in year 5.

NOTE: You must use the same account used previously for SafeSport Core training.

  1. Sign in HERE or navigate to the organization's site and click Sign In in the upper right-hand corner.

    • If already signed in, you are redirected to From the top right corner, click Sign In to be redirected to your account.

  2. Click Complete Training.

    • If you have not yet been onboarded, answer the question, "Have you completed SafeSport training in the past?" and confirm your email address if needed.

  3. Review the terms and conditions and select I Agree to proceed.

  4. Complete the needed SafeSport Certification Refresher course.

You may also open your Eligibility Email sent after your Membership was purchased and click on the Complete Certification link to be redirected to the SafeSport training.

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