What Are Sale Items?
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"Sale Items" allow you to set prices and track sales for any item you're selling. Whether you attach a sale item to an invoice, sell it through a sign-up, or any other way, the item's settings are applied and allow you to track the quantity and dollar amount sold on a per-item basis.

Sale items are defined with the following:

  • Sale item name

  • Price

  • Upfront Payment Options

  • SKU (optional)

Upfront Payment Options allow you to define how much of an item's price is due right away when the item is sold (as opposed to being paid on a payment plan).

How to Create a Sale Item

  1. From SportEngine HQ, go to Financials > Sale Items.

  2. Click Add Sale Item.

  3. Fill out the form as required/desired.

  4. [Optional] If you will be creating another sale item, select "Add Another."

  5. When satisfied, click Add Item.

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