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What are Up Front Payment Options?
What are Up Front Payment Options?
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Up Front Payment Options is a sale item setting. The option you choose defines how much of the item's price is due right away when the item is sold (instead of being paid on a payment plan.) There are three upfront payment options available to choose from:

  • Full Price Due

  • Partial Amount Due

  • Nothing Due

To qualify for the partial amount due or nothing due upfront, items must be priced at $25 or more.

Full Price Due Up Front

Requires the sale item's full price to be paid at checkout.

Partial Amount Due Up Front

This payment option requires a specified partial amount paid at checkout. The remainder of that item's price is calculated into the payment plan offered. NOTE: Customers can always pay their balance in full at checkout.

Nothing Due Up Front

This option requires no payment at checkout. The full price of the item is split evenly throughout the payment plan.

If all sale items do not require an upfront payment, customers can complete checkout by enrolling in the payment plan. The first charge is made on the due date of the first installment.

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