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Why is My Website Down?
Why is My Website Down?
Updated over a week ago

There are a few reasons why your site could be down:

  • Unpaid balance

  • Nameservers are not pointed correctly

  • Expired domain

Unpaid Balance

An unpaid balance could disrupt your service. If you need to pay a bill for a SportsEngine HQ product and you can't access your Billing tab within your site, please schedule a phone call through the Customer Success payment line.


Your Nameservers could be pointing in the wrong direction. You will need to point your Nameservers over to SportsEngine for your site to function correctly.

Click HERE to learn more about Nameservers and how to "Go Live" with your website.

Expired Domain

If your domain name is expired, you will want to renew it immediately.

  • NOTE: Customer Support will not be able to renew your domain name for you. You will need to reach out to your domain registrar (GoDaddy, Network Solutions, Bluehost, etc.) to do this.

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