You must have "Full Access" or "Limited Access - Website" permissions to display programs.

In addition to your organization's programs on, they can be displayed directly on your website.

Your organization must have a Program created to utilize this functionality.

  1. Log in and navigate to "SportsEngine HQ."

  2. Copy & paste the number in the URL bar. This is the org_id.

  3. Click Go to My Website and flip into Edit Mode.

  4. Click Option > Edit <HEAD> Code

    • NOTE: If you have a premier theme, contact your account manager to access the head code.

  5. Copy this code:

    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
    <script type="text/javascript">
    id: "my-programs",
    width: "380px",
    height: "820px",
    params: {
    initialZipCode: "XXX",
    listing_type: "program",
    distance: "max",
    org_ids: [XXX]
  6. Paste into Single Page <Head> Code if you want programs to display on just this page, or Cascading <Head> Code if you wish programs to appear on this page and all pages below it.

  7. Locate org_ids [XXX] and paste your org_id into the brackets. For example: org_ids [12345]

  8. Locate initialZipCode: "XXXXX" and enter your zip code. For example: initialZipCode: "55413"

  9. Click Save Changes.

  10. Click the Content tab.

  11. Click Add Page Element > Code Element

    • NOTE: The widget fits best in either a two or three-column container.

  12. Paste <div id="my-programs"></div> and click Save Changes.

  13. Turn off edit mode to view your programs.

All program updates made in HQ are immediately reflected on your website. As a bonus, the code is completely portable and can be put on ANY website where you can add a code snippet.

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