SportsEngine Widgets are specific previews of Team/Division/League Tools. A Widget allows you to display a subset of data anywhere on your website.

  • Roster Widget: Showcase your Team Roster and display anywhere on your website

  • Standing Widget [League/Tourney]: Display your Team Standings anywhere on your website

  • Stat Leaders Widget: Display the leaders for a particular stat anywhere on your website

  • Team Stats Widget: Showcase your team stats anywhere on your website

  • Scoreboard Ribbon Widget: Display current and recent game results anywhere on your website. For team instances, it will display games within 6 days of today's date. For Leagues, it will display today's date +/- 3 days.

  • Game Highlight Widget: Display details from a single game and place anywhere on your website

  • Game List Widget: Select multiple games to display within a table format and place anywhere on your website. Select a date range or specific games.

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