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How to Create a New Subseason
How to Create a New Subseason
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You will need "Full Access" or "Limited Access - Website" permissions to edit your site.

NOTE: The steps below are for Sport Management organizations. If using Season Management, create a General Page and Share the Team Site.

This article is designed to walk you through creating a new sub-season after a season has been created. If you haven't created a season yet, please do that first.

What Is the Difference Between a Season and a Sub-Season?

  • Season: Usually the year of the season you are starting. For example 2019 Season.

  • Subseason: This allows you to have multiple compartments within a season, such as pre-season, regular season, and post-season, but share the same roster.

Creating a New Subseason

  1. Sign in to your website and turn on Edit Mode.

  2. Go to your League Page or Club Page.

  3. Scroll down and select the Admin button.

  4. Choose Season.

  5. Underneath your already created season, click the button that says New Subseason.

  6. Input the "Subseason Name."

  7. Update the Data Source.

    • Data Source determines whether your new season will have the same teams, divisions, staff page permissions, tool settings, rosters, and page content as the previous season. Don’t worry about this if this is your first season.

      • Start From Scratch: You must manually add divisions and teams to the new season.

      • Copy Subseason (Recommended): This option allows you to copy divisions and teams from the past season with the option to copy staff page permissions, tool settings, rosters, and page content.

  8. Click Create Season.

  9. In the middle of the page, activate the season as the current sub-season by checking the box labeled “Current Subseason.”

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