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What is the Registration Cancellation Insurance?
What is the Registration Cancellation Insurance?
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What is the Registration Cancellation Insurance, and how is it presented for purchase?

Registration Cancellation Insurance allows parents to insure the non-refundable registration fees paid for their child to participate in their sports event. If injury, illness, or other covered peril prevents the child from participating, the parent can file a claim to seek reimbursement of their registration cost. The policy is offered during sign-up, giving the consumer an easy and quick purchase.

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What activities are covered?

Purchase a policy for the following events: A sports season, camp, tournament, showcase, or training sessions. A coach can also purchase a policy to insure the registration fee they pay to attend a coaching seminar, clinic, or certification course.

What are the covered perils under the policy?

There are two versions of the policy.

The Single Event Policy insures a tournament, showcase, or camp. Covered perils include:

  • Injury (on or off the field)

  • Illness

  • Active Duty (parent/guardian)

  • Involuntary Job Loss (parent/guardian)

  • Uninhabitable Residence

  • Traffic Accident

  • Extended School Year

  • Airline/Train/Bus Delay or Cancellation

  • Inclement Weather

The Multi Event Policy insures a sports season. Covered perils include:

  • Injury (on or off the field)

  • Illness

  • Active Duty (parent/guardian)

  • Involuntary job transfer (parent/guardian)

How can my parents purchase a policy?

The Registration Cancellation Insurance is available upon registration and offered before checkout.

Why should my parents buy the Registration Cancellation Insurance?

Injury, illness, and inclement weather happen! Buying a policy can provide peace of mind to a parent registering their child months in advance for an event.

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How can a parent submit a claim?

If a parent purchased a policy and needs to submit a claim, they can easily do so via the convenient online portal:

Complete the form in a few minutes and submit it directly to the dedicated department for claims. If the parent has questions, they can email [email protected], where they should receive a response time of less than one business day.

As an admin, who can I contact if I have questions about a policy?

Admins can email [email protected].

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